Interior décor is all about making our living spaces beautiful. To create a beautiful interior space, it is important first to understand how décor works. There are different types of interior décor, and each of them is meant to achieve a specific effect and look.

If you don’t know about interior décor, then you might be required to get the services of an interior décor expert. Interior designers are professionals who work with clients to help in creating beautiful rooms. Before you hire an expert, take time and learn the basics of interior designs:

Minimalist design

Minimalist home designs are popular in the modern day. Many people are getting rid of excess stuff in their house and making spaces as minimal as possible. With minimalistic home design, you only design your home with what you think that it is necessary and leave out excess items.

One thing that you will notice with minimalistic home designs is the use of black, grey, white and beige. Minimalists do not explore colors like designs. The essence of minimalistic home design is to make the home beautiful but at the same time make it as functional as possible.


The art revolution inspires the mid-century home design. That is why you will notice that art is an integral part of this design. The furniture in every room has an artistic feel and inspiration. It is also characterized by clean lines that help in enhancing the design. In this design, you will notice the use of raw bamboo wood, metallic effects, and other materials. It is a combination of all the elements in one design. Most of the time, no bold colors are used for this design.


The Nordic way of living inspires the Scandinavian style. Many people Scandinavian living roomtend to confuse this style with minimalism. The two designs might look the same because of the use of neutral colors, but they are not the same. With Scandinavian style, you will notice that they borrow a lot of things like the use of animal sculptures for their design. When creating this style, it is advisable to leave space.

Hollywood glam

Hollywood glam is all about the glitter and luxury. The Hollywood way of living inspires this design. It is all about the flashy and extravagant life. When designing this style, you will notice the use of luxury fabrics like cashmere and also fur. There is also the use of silver, gold, and bling in the design. There is nothing minimal about this style.