What to Look for When Selecting a Lawn Mower

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It does not matter whether you are a new homeowner or you want to replace that old grass cutter, it is necessary to understand what to look for when choosing a lawn mower. You should note that the features and the design of mowers have developed and become sophisticated over time.

Basic Types

There are two main types of mowers; rotary mowers and reel mowers. You will find that reel mowers are quite easy to work with, but the basic design is just the same. On the other hand, rotary mowers include the electric and gas-powered push mowers. There are also the robotic mowers and the riding lawn tractors. Choosing one, ensure you match it with the size of your lawn.

Lawn Considerations

It is necessary to determine the size of the mower. For instance, if you have a large garden that is over a ½ acre or more, you should get a riding lawn mower. However, if you have a small yard, then you should buy a reel mower. If the garden is of medium size, you should go for a push mower.

Other than the size of the yard, you should look at the terrain of the land. If it is steep, you should consider mowers with large rear wheels as they are ideal for irregular and sloped lawns. Other important things to consider include obstacles, ornamentation, and landscaping.

Cuttings and Clippings

You need to consider the height and type of grass. If you live in a low-lying area, you should consider the amount of moisture. Other things to take into account include the pine cones and twigs. In this case, you should take into account the engine size and torque to ensure the mower you purchase can handle the cutting.


When choosing a mower, you need to purchase a mower that meets your needs. Thus, you can consider adding some accessories to the mower. Having the right additions helps you maximize the lawn tractor, and it can be used for other tasks such as dethatching, grading gravel, snow blowing, shredding, hauling, and much more.